17 January 2014

Canal+ deal dramatically distorts the rugby market

While the Heineken Cup is reaching the final round of the pool stages most people have averted their interest from the chaos surrounding the future of the competition. At this point it seems as if everybody has reached the point of fatigue on the subject. The weekly developments have become akin to a bad soap opera, the complete opposite to what is happening on the field of play.

At the same time, and almost below the radar, the Ligue Nationale de …..

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25 October 2013

Currie Cup Final must see rugby!

The northern hemisphere returns to domestic competition this weekend after two weeks of Heineken Cup and thoughts are already turning to the Autumn International Series in each of the 6 Nations. We tend to get locked into our own little rugby world here in Europe at this time of he year.

But tomorrow sees the climax of one of the greatest and one of the oldest rugby competitions in the world, the Currie Cup. The Currie Cup dates back to 1889 …..

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20 September 2013

What’s with the Wallaby lads?

News emerged this week that at Perth Airport last Sunday morning Wallaby player, James O’Connor, was forced off a flight by Australian Federal Police. He was reported to be in an intoxicated state.

Sympathisers may say that he had a tough game the previous evening against Argentina and as he had a few days of holidays coming up, probably pulled an all-nighter. All that may be true but still, even under the circumstances, it is wholly unacceptable.

It’s not the first time …..

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