02 March 2020

Episode 2: The Crises Facing Rugby Union: Taking stock with Shane Horgan

On the face of it, Rugby Union seems to be in a good place, but in reality, there are inherent problems in the game. Brain injuries, drug issues and financial challenges are all storms looming on rugby’s horizon. Shane Horgan joins me to unpack rugby’s problems and discusses if there are any potential solutions.

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24 February 2020

Episode 1 – The Good Friday Agreement: An insight with Tommie Gorman

The Good Friday Agreement came into being in 1998. It collapsed in 2016 for 3 years before the institutions got up and running again. Tommie Gorman joins me to give a unique insight into the twists and turns around Devolution in Norther Ireland over the past 20 years and the challenges it faces in the future.

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