30 June 2020

Episode 16: How do we exit from Covid19 Lockdown? Professor Gerry Killeen believes it will be a lot more challenging than we think.

In the past 6 months Covid19 has infected 10 million worldwide and caused the death of over 500,000 people. In Ireland we have gotten the virus under control. But as we try to exit the Lockdown there are almost as many questions as answers. Professor Gerry Killeen, Chair of Applied Pathogen Ecology at UCC, believes it is going to be a lot more difficult and riskier than we think.

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11 April 2020

Episode 6: Addicts are only treated once they become addicted. How can addiction be better managed or even prevented. Addiction counsellor, Oisín McConville, gives us his thoughts.

Addiction of all types have been a scourge on society for as long as we can remember. Addictions are only treated once they have become problematic to the addict and those people closest to them. Addiction counsellor, Oisín McConville, who has openly discussed his own struggles with gambling addiction looks at the causes and potential remedies to this social problem.

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17 March 2020

Episode 4: Has Physical Education failed the Irish public? Prof. Niall Moyna of Operation Transformation weighs in.

Physical Education had been embedded in the secondary school curriculum for over 40 years. But the general health of the nation has never been worse. In the not too distant future, the Irish health system will be bankrupted by the cost of obesity related diseases. Prof. Niall Moyna, Head of the School of Health & Human Performance and a member of the Centre of Preventive Medicine at Dublin City University joins me to explore if it is possible to rescue the health of the nation.

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