07 July 2020

Episode 17: How Tyson Fury’s Instagram post unravelled the boxing ambitions of Daniel Kinahan. Kieran Cunningham explains.

Daniel Kinahan came within a whisker of establishing himself as one of the top boxing promoters in the world. But after being namechecked on Instagram by Tyson Fury, in the announcement of his fight against Anthony Joshua, within days he was abandoned by the power brokers of boxing. Chief Sports Writer, Kieran Cunningham, explains how it all unravelled so quickly.

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21 April 2020

Episode 7: Organised crime and gang wars in Ireland. Crime correspondent, Michael O’Toole, gives the inside story.

Ireland has become an epicentre for organised crime and the drug trade. It is a constant struggle for law enforcement to not alone battle the drug trade but also eliminate the gangland wars that inevitably ensue. Assistant Editor and Crime Correspondent with the Irish Daily Star, Michael O’Toole, delves into the main drivers of organised crime in Ireland.

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09 March 2020

Episode 3: The Irish Prison System – Is it fit for purpose?

In recent times Ireland has been gripped by the continued escalation of crime and exacerbated by the rates at which recidivism plays a large part in the problem. Currently the Irish Prison System seems to be having little impact on curbing crime. The former Governor of Mountjoy Prison, John Lonergan, joins me to examine the issues. His 50 years of experience delivers some intriguing insights.

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