07 July 2020

Episode 17: How Tyson Fury’s Instagram post unravelled the boxing ambitions of Daniel Kinahan. Kieran Cunningham explains.

Daniel Kinahan came within a whisker of establishing himself as one of the top boxing promoters in the world. But after being namechecked on Instagram by Tyson Fury, in the announcement of his fight against Anthony Joshua, within days he was abandoned by the power brokers of boxing. Chief Sports Writer, Kieran Cunningham, explains how it all unravelled so quickly.

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26 May 2020

Episode 12: Paul McGrath’s autobiography, Back from the Brink, is one of the most shockingly honest sports books ever written. McGrath’s ghost writer, Vincent Hogan, recounts the challenging and cathartic process that delivered a masterpiece.

Paul McGrath, is one of Ireland’s most beloved personalities. He risked his reputation and standing in society by writing his shockingly honest autobiography, Back from the Brink. The journey was both challenging and cathartic for McGrath. But it weighed almost as heavily on his ghost writer, Vincent Hogan. In this episode Vincent recounts the process and challenges in delivering a masterpiece that ultimately enhanced the admiration and respect with which Paul McGrath is revered.

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02 March 2020

Episode 2: The Crises Facing Rugby Union: Taking stock with Shane Horgan

On the face of it, Rugby Union seems to be in a good place, but in reality, there are inherent problems in the game. Brain injuries, drug issues and financial challenges are all storms looming on rugby’s horizon. Shane Horgan joins me to unpack rugby’s problems and discusses if there are any potential solutions.

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