20 March 2014

What makes him the greatest?

The difference between a good player and a great player is a combination of talent and motivation. Some players are good because they possess talent, they are born with that ability it makes them a cut above the rest. Others players are good because they are so motivated they work and work to maximise their potential.

But the great players possess that rare combination of talent and extraordinary motivation.

Undoubtedly, Brian O’Driscoll was born with a phenomenal talent for playing rugby. But …..

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14 March 2014

History beckons for Ireland

Irish supporters are daring to dream that we can become 6 Nations Champions for the second time in five years. The team have proven to be consistent in their performances throughout the tournament.

At the same time few will argue that England are right there with Ireland in terms of their performances and some may even argue they are the best team in this year’s tournament. It is fair to say they were just a couple of minutes from defeating France …..

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05 March 2014

Still all to play for

We have reached the penultimate weekend of the Championship and Ireland, England, Wales and France all believe they are right in there with a chance of winning the tournament. Each team will plot their own path to victory and as always in the 6 Nations each pathway is distinctly different. The one factor that remains the same for all four teams in a defeat will end their interest in the tournament.

Ireland V Italy

This is a game that Ireland simply will …..

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26 February 2014

Ireland in the driving seat

There are a couple of certainties around this year’s 6 Nations Championship. There will be no grand slam winner and the tournament will be won on points difference. Technically there are still four teams: Ireland, England, Wales and France in with the chance of being crowned champions.

But despite losing to England in the best game of the tournament to date, Ireland are in the driving seat when it comes to winning the 6 Nations Championship of 2014.

Ireland’s points difference of …..

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19 February 2014

6 Nations pivotal weekend

Every weekend in the 6 Nations throws up a completely different set of possibilities such is the beauty of the tournament. But Round 3 is always the pivotal week and 2014 is no different with the chips are stacked pretty high in Cardiff, Rome and London for all involved.

Wales V France:

This is a must win for Wales. Two poor performances against Italy and Ireland by the guts of the successful Lions Test side is well below par for a team …..

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12 February 2014

6 Nations state of the nations

After two rounds of the Championship each of the 6 Nations are in different places:


France probably believe they are in a good place with two wins against England and Italy. But their performances have been scrappy and incoherent. Their continuity game is slow and lacking accuracy. They play off slow ball and depend on individual players to make line-breaks to ignite their attack. Their defence is sloppy and their discipline is poor. Despite both their victories it is unlikely they …..

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07 February 2014

6 Nations Round 2 Predictions

Ireland V Wales:

Despite winning last weekend this is a fulcrum game for both teams. A loss next Saturday and Ireland head to Twickenham in Round 3 trying to save their Championship bid. Wales also have to head to Twickenham, albeit in Round 4, so next Saturday’s result for them is just as significant as it is to Ireland.

Both sides are evenly matched although Wales’ recent record should give them the edge. But it is not that simple. Apart from Ireland’s …..

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04 February 2014

1st Round of the 6 Nations as intriguing as ever

The 6 Nations 2014 is up and running and all three games have been very revealing. As always each game had it own unique dynamics and tale to tell.

Italy were the surprise package of the weekend and ran Wales a lot closer in Cardiff than anybody predicted. Despite a dreadfully unlucky bounce in the first few minutes, which cost them seven points, they shut down the Welsh running game for the most part. It is still early days, but on …..

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30 January 2014

6 Nations momentum is the key

The key to winning the 6 Nations Championship is without doubt based on the ability to generate momentum. By Round 5 of the tournament teams have often created an inevitably that they will win the Championship.

The schedule of fixtures combined with the home and away factor often plays a big role in a team’s capacity to generate the critical momentum required to win the tournament.

Each team has a unique pathway of fixtures through the 6 Nations, which contains critical games …..

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17 January 2014

Canal+ deal dramatically distorts the rugby market

While the Heineken Cup is reaching the final round of the pool stages most people have averted their interest from the chaos surrounding the future of the competition. At this point it seems as if everybody has reached the point of fatigue on the subject. The weekly developments have become akin to a bad soap opera, the complete opposite to what is happening on the field of play.

At the same time, and almost below the radar, the Ligue Nationale de …..

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